Yale School of Drama

14-027 NYU - Shanghai Global Mailer Profile Photography - Group ShotsJessica Wolf with students at the Yale School of DramaI am an Professor in the Practice of Acting at Yale School of Drama, where I established the Alexander Technique curriculum in 1998. The Alexander Technique is at the core of the actors’ training and an integral part of all three years of their program. First-year actors study in groups, and second- and third-year actors are given private tutorials.

Jessica Wolf's Yale School of Drama studentsI have a unique approach to teaching actors. An actor’s objective is to communicate and express the feelings and emotions of the character. My work helps students become familiar with their breath as it conveys emotion, supports the voice, and fuels movement. I believe the awareness and use of the breath can inspire inventive and imaginative interpretations of characters by influencing frame of mind, alignment, flexibility, and vocal quality. 

14-027 NYU - Shanghai Global Mailer Profile Photography - Group Shots

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